We all know what was allegedly said. According to numerous press accounts, when a group from Congress presented President Donald Trump with an immigration package that had next to no funding for border security and what amounted to amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, plus chain migration, he exploded with a very blunt question, “Why are we having all these people from s---hole countries come here?” Much of the media and the political class are acting like Victorian ladies who saw someone expose a little ankle.

To be fair, trump is denying using that specific word while Sen.

Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, is saying he did. Everyone has gone to their corners, with Fox News assuming a pained expression, MSNBC accusing the President of the United States of racism, and CNN going berserk, repeating the word on the air multiple times. The president was rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, as he tends to be. However, he has also managed to make his opponents seem to be a little demented.

A brief history of presidential cursing

Presidents of the United States have always cussed in private. During Watergate, portions of the secret tapes were blanked out with the term “explicit deleted” to not offend anyone about what had come out of President Nixon’s mouth. Lyndon Johnson often used language from his central Texas childhood, some of which was racially tinged that would put a modern president out of office.

Rolling Stone reports that JFK could swear like a sailor, which he was, and that Barack Obama often mimicked Richard Pryor. In fact, if Mitt Romney had been elected president, good Mormon that he was, he would have been the only president in living memory who did not use colorful metaphors.

The whole point of unlimited immigration is that some countries are what Trump said

One thing that has not been mentioned in the latest controversy is that the excuse that advocates for amnesty for illegal immigrants and unlimited immigration is that many of the countries they came from are rife with tyranny, poverty, disease, and famine, in effect, what Trump said.

If those countries were not horrible, few people would risk all to go to a place where the politicians are merely annoying and rarely lethal.

Trump is supposed to have been racist for having said what he said. For one thing, racism is a term that has been thrown around so many times for so many frivolous reasons that it has lost its sting. The moment that critics of President Obama’s Iran policy were called racist the term became meaningless. Trump was vulgar for what he said, but he is no more racist than Bill Clinton, marinated as he was in the effete liberal culture of Manhattan. Besides, the people who are calling Trump out on his use of language think that flyover states like Mississippi and Oklahoma are what he called Haiti.