You would have to live in a cave to not have heard any mention of the Illuminati. They are reportedly a group of the elite, who are freemasons and include a number of US presidents as well as wealthy families such as the Rothschilds. In recent years, this secret society often is mentioned in regard to celebrities who use what is considered Occult Symbolism in their music videos. Both Beyonce and Maddona had in-your-face imagery during their Super Bowl halftime shows. Taco Bell recently began running a tongue-in-cheek commercial about the enlightened ones and now Justin Timberlake is said to be going to incorporate the same during his performance in Super Bowl 52.

A report by MTV presented a lot of information used in this post.

Celebrities use Baphomet symbolism

Justin Timberlake, like an increasing number of those involved in today's entertainment industry, flashes hand signals, exposes only one eye on album covers, and uses the all-seeing eye, pyramids, and other symbolism that keep Illuminati watchers up in arms. Is it all just a passing fad and if so why do so many celebrities identify with occult imagery? Both Madonna and Beyonce wore outfits and did dance moves and poses that were identical to what is known as Baphomet. If you pay attention to Timberlake and many others, you will see that they are not as bold, but use the same image in subtle ways.

Baphomet is the statue that is used in front of the Satanic church in Detroit, Michigan, and most Americans consider anything to do with the occult or the devil as evil and to be shunned.

This begs the question of why, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Madonna who were all raised in Christian churches would associate with such an image? Why would those who were part of an institution that worships Jesus spend so much time associating themselves with one whom Christ said is an enemy?

Justin Timberlake's new video "Supplies" features fellow entertainer Pharrell and an also exploding Illuminati pyramid, which possibly may be incorporated into his halftime performance on February 4.

This does not prove that he and others using this symbol are part of a secret society, but it does cause a lot of people to be curious as to what their purpose is for participating in such antics.

The annual Super Bowl is said to be the most watched television show every year and the halftime performances are always a big highlight of the evening. This means that most of the world will have their eyes on Justin Timberlake. If indeed his brand of entertainment is loaded with pyramids, one eye, Baphomet poses, checkerboards, pentagrams, pyramids and, other occult imagery, it will be no more than expected.