Rhianna is a Pop Icon. She has hit records, has won major awards and been in a movie. She is rich and famous but there is one thing she lacks, which is class. Now she has taken things way too far by mocking Queen Elizabeth II, the reigning monarch of England. Rhianna did several mock-ups of the queen using her own photos by inserting the face of the 91-year-old queen, where her own had been. It looks as if the queen is wearing Rhianna's style of fashion. Many of the celebrity's fans are outraged, but they should not be. This is exactly what should be expected from their idol.

In this one ugly gesture, Rhianna has shown her true colors.

The fans should expect this type of behavior

Rhianna is a part of the new breed of entertainers. They exhibit total disrespect and disregard for everyone and everything but themselves. Nikki Manage performs mock exorcisms, Beyoncé uses burning crosses in her stage performances. Madonna mocks Christ and has her back up dancers dress like demons. They all wear clothing and use symbols representing Baphomet who is a type of Satan. So if they mock God Almighty, why not the beloved monarch?

This new breed of young women celebrities have no shame. Rhianna's music is so explicit that most of the lyrics have to be bleeped out. She freely sings about enjoying rough sex and gives details, that once would never have been allowed.

Her manner of dress is to be practically naked. She uses occult symbols, and upside down crosses on her clothing. Rhianna has made it plain that she is no lady, but the queen of England is. To go so far as to make fun of a 91-year-old grandmother, especially one who is as beloved as Queen Elizabeth indicates that Rhianna believes she is unstoppable, has no boundaries, and will do as she chooses.

After all, who will stop her?

What Rhianna did was disgraceful, and reprehensible, but it is who she is. Fans are right to express their displeasure and be outraged with this latest stunt to keep herself in the public eye. What they should not be is surprised. The fans fuel the fire by purchasing the music of celebrities such as Rhianna.

They encourage the bad behavior and create monsters.

The difference between the two women

Queen Elizabeth II is a classy, dignified, gracious woman, who is beloved by people all over the world. She was born and bred to be a queen. She has a wonderful sense of style and is always dressed immaculately. Rather than mock her Rhianna should take some cues from her regarding class, culture, and good manners. There was a time when entertainers also were trained to put their best foot forward.

During Motown's reign in the music industry, there were standards. The singers had to go through what was called "The Motown Machine." They were groomed to present themselves in the best light possible. Stars such as the Supremes had chaperones, who made sure there was no hint of scandal.

Today's entertainers, as well as their fans thrive on scandals. Queen Elizabeth may never have ever even heard of Rhianna, and if told of the mocking, probably will not give it a thought. She is too much of a lady to allow something like this to affect her. Rhianna could learn a lesson from her.