Rep. Jamie Raskin has initiated a bill that would allow Congress to invoke the 25Th Amendment to impeach Donald Trump. On Thursday Raskin sent an email to his colleagues seeking their support in having the 45th President removed from office.

Trump's continued bizarre behavior is his undoing

Talks of impeachment began almost immediately after Trump was sworn in. The consensus is not enough to support in a GOP-controlled Congress. Raskins, however, now has the support of 21 leading Democrats who are backing this new consideration for getting Donald Trump out of the oval office.

Raskin told Yahoo that he was concerned with the President's "bizarre litany of events and outbursts" that have taken place since January.

Rep. Raskin stated that everyone is allowed one or two extreme tweets but he was concerned with "a sustained pattern of behavior that indicates something is seriously wrong." The 25th Amendment was put in place in 1967 in response to the Assassination of President John F Kennedy. This measure was to be utilized when a President became incapacitated and unable to fulfill presidential duties.

Prior to Kennedy's assassination, Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Dwight Isenhour, and Franklin Rosevelt had medical emergencies which prevented them from serving as Commander In Chief.

Raskin told Yahoo that he has studied the bill and found that if the current GOP majority Congress was not in agreement there were other ways to push for the President to be impeached.

Donald Trump may be on his way out

President Trump's mental status has been questioned almost from day one. His vicious tweets and continual lies are alarming increasing numbers of Americans including some in the Republican party.

Donald Trump has increased his Twitter assaults with seemingly no regard to how unpresidential his behavior is. If James Raskin and those backing him have their way, the current POTUS will not fulfill his 4-year term as the 45th President of the United States.

The most recent Twitter attacks against MSNBC co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough may be the final straw for this President who continues to run amuck on social media.

Many in his own party are coming forth to condemn his hateful, childish behavior. James Raskin has a point. Our current commander in chief indeed continues with bizarre outbursts and behavior that is unfitting for the leader of the free world, and some believe he needs to be relieved of his duties before things get any worse.