Oprah Winfrey was recently the recipient of the Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes Awards. It has been a week since she won this award, and people are still buzzing about Winfrey as a potential candidate for the 2020 Presidential election. It begs the question; is another entertainer really what the United States needs for their next president? Are we missing the real point that Winfrey was conveying through her speech?

Speaking of Corruption and Injustice

Winfrey mentioned that there are many young girls watching as she became the first black woman to receive the award.

She continued her speech by thanking the press, which has been ridiculed by the president for over a year now. She applauded their efforts in calling out corruption and dishonesty within our current government., and not letting us turn a blind eye. Her bold statement gave the press higher regard than had been given, by others before her, during any such award speech. She empowered not only the media but those victims that have shared their story for the world to read. Winfrey praised the women, both known and unknown, for enduring. She recognized that this corruption goes beyond "...race, religion, politics...". She did not point the finger at one single person. Never has there been such activism present within an award show as there has been in recent years.

Many entertainment personalities, athletes, and journalists have taken stands against injustice and abuse within the world of entertainment. Winfrey recognizes that, although the problem of sexual harassment has been made public within Hollywood, this cry for help is still coming from the privileged.

Call to Action

As the audience gave Winfrey a standing ovation, her inspiring speech for change quickly turned, by no choice of her own, into a vote for her as the next president.

Once more, another woman's good intentions have been pushed aside and forgotten as the people are distracted by a "call to the presidency." Her words, though inspiring, quickly became more of a presidential campaign starter rather than a campaign against sexual harassment among the ordinary folk. Her speech was meant to show people the traits of humanity and to empower both men and women to work together on the issues of sexual harassment.

As the hype dies down, will her call to ending both corruption and injustice be remembered or forgotten? It is up to Hollywood, the press, politicians to start listening to the everyday Joe and Nancy about the crime that has been happening in our everyday world.