Number 45 has put his foot in his mouth once more regarding Americans in Puerto Rico. He continues to express his disdain for U.S. citizens living in the US territory. He recently tweeted that the help being given to them from the first responders and the military to this hurricane-ravaged territory cannot go on indefinitely. Increasingly, more people in the United States, including members of the GOP, are speaking out against his hateful attitude. Even so, more than 31,000 individuals in this nation liked his tweet about discontinuing help to the neediest of those he swore to serve and protect.

Donald Trump continues the hate

Certainly, Americans understand that no one state or providence can sustain help from the U.S. Government forever. Because Donald Trump stated that Puerto Ricans should not expect long-term help during their crisis, many U.S. citizens are troubled. This to some is a subliminal message that the brown-skinned residents of Puerto Rico are looking for a continual hand out. In truth, they desire a hand up the same as Hurricane affected individuals residing in Florida and Texas,

It is unfortunate that the hate and vitriol that Hilary Clinton said Donald Trump unleashed on the nation are continuing. Even more disturbing is that he maintains a fan base of Americans who support his line of thinking.

The U.S. citizens living in Puerto Rico are no less Americans than those who live stateside. It is disturbing that number 45 continues with behavior that many believe indicates a level of subtle racism against those who are not like himself.

Puerto Ricans should not be made to feel they are begging or looking handouts

At a time of death and devastation, Americans living in Puerto Rico should be able to feel there is hope for the restoration of their beloved Island.

It is very disheartening that number 45 continually makes comments that can be implied as biased against some Americans. There was no problem helping citizens in Florida and Texas who were displaced by the various tropical storms. There is an old saying that you do to kick someone when they are down, but Donald Trump is blaming U.S.

citizens for situations beyond their control.

It was never implied that stateside hurricane victims were begging or seeking handouts. This sends a very clear message that Donald Trump has a disdain for Puerto Ricans. His base will always support him and agree with his statement that he is the least racist person on the planet. Actions, however, speak louder than words, and the things that number 45 is doing indicate that he is a president who is biased, and for that reasons, he needs to be removed from office.