A bipartisan majority of Americans are vocally united against trump's Tax Bill. That is the only force that can stop the GOP Congress from enacting what Forbes Magazine urgently describes as the worst policy disaster in American History. Think of it. Worse than the neocon idiocy that ended us in Iraq. How could it be? Forbes does not just say this. It specifies why the Trump tax bill will inflict harm and hurt,

But we can stop this from ever happening. Remember Trump's primary MO, cogently described by Mitt Romney. "Con." The tax bill is con from start to finish.

To stop it we need to flip the three GOP Senators. Three originally had the courage to oppose the Senate version of the bill. They finally voted for it. But they knew, as we do, that the bill now goes to the House. If it survives there, it returns to the Senate and must be approved to get to Trump's desk.

This article is about how you can inundate the three Senators who originally voted no with an appeal based on the Forbes arguments. Here is a summary and my "message" suggestions follow.

Economic insanity

This is how Forbes describes the Trump tax bill.

And here are concise summaries of the messages:

  • The trillion a year deficit will not go away regardless of how the economy performs.
  • It will be politically impossible to pass tax increases sufficient to make up the growing deficit.
  • Any downturn in the economy risks a trillion a year deficit.
  • The capacity to deal with economic downturns is radically limited.
  • The bill guarantees NO reduction in the national debt for at least a decade.
  • Interest on the debt will become the largest item in the federal budget.

Social Security on the block

The only escape will be attacking Social Security, Medicare, and Pentagon expenses.

Both infrastructure and research will be more and more remote because of the need for austerity.

Monetary policy will not be able to save us.

Who needs to hear from us?

The following GOP Senators need to hear our resounding protest against this legislation: Corker, Alexander, Flake, McCain, Paul, Murkowski, and Collins. Three of these will do the trick if the House does not submarine the legislation first.

You do not need a list of reasons to try to sway these Senators. Your own messages as close to "real) as possible will register. That could mean a real postcard or note. It could mean a tweet from a real account. Anything at all is better than sitting on our hands.

Of course, this article deals only with economic arguments. There are many other messages we could send. Mainly, we do not need or want this bill.