We are ruled by plutocrats, disempowered by computer voting and reeling from continued trump insults. But we still stand. We can win.

This is the situation following the sad performance of the Senate GOP in the early hours of this Saturday. The disastrous bill they passed now goes to the House. There it must be reconciled with an equally noxious bill that is very different in many respects. If it passes both houses, we will see the end of our frayed and imperfect safety net.

But we can still fight, starting now. We can say the tax robbery is not over yet.

We can demand votes that we can count by hand. We can say plutocrats do not own Americans. You can speak out, and there are some resources to help you right here.

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This is not an easy listen. It is about today's electoral cyber curtain. It is about who controls elections. It is about making election files disappear, removing them from public inspection.

We need to press for observable election results. The malicious code makes it possible to hijack democracy.

Three lines of code can set counters to dictate results. It is undetectable, and you can use a self-deleting code if you want insurance.

Until we have fail-safe voting, we will not trust our elections. We have invested more in football honesty ("deflategate") than in making our elections honest and accurate. Making an issue of this requires hard messaging work.

Message for real and honest democracy.

Ironically, Florida, 2000, stimulated the move to computer voting. We need to remove the cyber-curtain. Other countries have made the move back to counting votes. There is no way that elections that are computer counted can avoid compromise. Those who have access to automated voting are the ones with the power to alter it.


The rule of plutocrats depends on what is most likely the most dramatic instance of voter fraud -- what we've just been looking at. If you are a Sanders fan, you have every reason to suspect that votes were switched in the primaries of 2016. It is equally clear that the GOP will depend more and more on defeating demographics by any means necessary, including control of how votes are processed.

If you watched the travesty of GOP capitulation to Trump's con artistry last night, you saw the power of the rich.

We need messages to flag the control now exerted by plutocrats. Plutocrats own Congress. Plutocrats do not create jobs. Plutocrats do not own us. The current political disaster, the entire Senate GOP becoming perps essentially in a walk of shame, is ear-shattering testimony to the perfidy behind our current democracy.

We need to give this week to messaging our way to a victory.