I am sick and tired of hypothetical articles about tax legislation that is still not finalized. This is especially the case when the legislation is, in fact, a scam. It doesn't make any difference what hypothetical figures are, they are false. Because the entire trump tax law is false. It is like Trump University. In fact, it is a replica of this clear and transparent scam for which Trump has had to eat crow even as he persists in calling it a great victory.

Trump University promised people would end up wealthy and they ended up bilked. That is the exact trajectory of the Trump tax law.

That is why not even the GOP Congress can agree on it. Some want more scam, some less. But no one is denying that a scam is what we are reduced to considering.

Adding things up

We are getting an advance look at the effects of the Trump tax legislation on the middle class if the Senate version of the bill should pass. We already know it won't. It will be massaged by the House whose hands are rough and vindictive. Any concessions to their draconian proclivities will be roundly sent to the trash can.

This offering from the New York Times suggests exactly what we have known for days -- there will be apparent cuts for some of the middle class and increases for others.

The reason this is beyond hypothesis and is an actual diversion is that we are seeing masses of bushes and trees where there is if a forest of economic doom. Think higher medical premiums and loss of insurance because Obamacare is again on the block in this omnibus destruction bill.


Think also that that forest is a sign of monster deficit hikes in order to keep more and more dollars flowing to the tiptop of the one percent and the big corporations.

The GOP is now fighting over extending the outlandish cuts even further down the corporate ladder.

The reporting on this Trump tax fiasco should begin with a rehash of the Trump University story. We need a memory refresher. Here's one.

You may want to note that Trump University is just one of the criminal enterprises that Trump has been engaged in trying to "settle" as Robert Mueller continues to compile evidence of Trump's likely involvement in his own elevation to power with help from Russia, compliant social networks, and an international cast of venal persons.


There is no pleasure whatsoever in skewering Donald Trump. He is not the worst of our problems though he keeps trying to be. We have Mr. Pence whose proclivities are for a sort of Christian Sharia nation. And we have the GOP which serves the Deep State which prevents justice from being enacted almost universally.

If these two forces are left holding us in their bag, we may pray for more scams in preference to the damage they openly intend.