There is a lot of talk about sexual orientation and if being homosexual, or bisexual is a choice or if we are all Born that way. I'm going to tell you one thing straight up. I am biased. I am homosexual. And if I was going to be biased I would tell you that we aren't born Gay nor do we choose to be. I would say: I was not born homosexual, I didn't choose to be. I just am.

The purpose of me writing this though isn't to be biased. Whilst some people may share the same opinion as others, we all have some certainty around the way we feel about certain things.

We all feel strongly about something. Even though I feel a certain way about how I am gay, others don't feel the same. Which is why we should all try and understand why one's beliefs may be different to others.

Born Homosexual?

Some say that being born gay is in you. That it being gay has been a part of your makeup from the moment you came into this world. It is determined for you. For example, you are born male. You have a male friend and a female friend. You were born gay and you are starting to get feelings, hormones, and emotions, you and your female friend have and will only be friends. You are not in any way attracted to her. This male friend of yours is the one you are attracted to.

Now if one was not born gay it'd be just like that except you would choose for yourself who you like and are attracted to.

Is it a choice?

Some believe that one day this said person just woke up and thought to themselves "I'm male, and I prefer men." Or you wake up and think, "I'm female and I prefer men and women". You could think, it's their choice. Whatever they choose and whatever they want. It's up to them. But what if all of these choices and decisions aren't as complicated as they seem?

What if it just happens and you fall in love with someone because you like them and want to be with them? If that happens, does it really matter if they are male or female? What I'm trying to say is it doesn't have to be a choice if you don't over think it. Some people know what they want to be and when. Others are just trying to find where they fit in and what works well for them.

It shouldn't have to be a choice. It should just be. That is my opinion. It's important to take into consideration how other people feel. And some may feel that my opinion is incorrect. Some may think you either chose to like males or females. Pick one. "You choose to be gay." Maybe. Then you think. There could be something more to this though. Something in us. Just beyond our grasp of understanding. We won't ever know for sure.