Will trump go out with a bang or a whimper? Neither, one guesses. How about he stays and the Tax Bill passes and the stock market doubles and Mueller resigns due to acute embarrassment? Don't count on it. What we are looking at is hypothetical but it has legs. Here it is.

I think it is more than possible that Flynn has agreed to cooperate with Mueller and that can only place Trump at risk. He and Mike are nearly brothers in some ways. They share lies. I also think the venal but politically sharp Senate GOP may raise a finger to the winds. The NYT thinks momentum favors passage of Trump's tax bill.

By Monday, that prediction may well be toast.


Flynn is not a hypothesis. Neither is the fact that lopping the corporate tax to 20 percent is highly vulnerable. if there is a damaging Flynn confession, the tax bill will be affected.

There are reams of proof Trump's temperature rises when he is asked about Flynn. He vacates rooms. He closes conferences. He gets away. Why is this story out today when it is scheduled for tomorrow? Nothing happens by accident. We are in a war. Trump might skate through. But it could be a mega-collision.


There is more to put on the table.

If I was a GOP Senator, I might be for the Trump tax bill today and change my mind over the weekend. If my name is McCain, I might look at the atrocity that is the Trump bill and be converted, with some help from the Flynn flip.

Just on the heels of this story is the typical contradiction you get when the news is binary, this-or-that, either-or.

20 percent

You have to laugh at the actual juxtaposition of these stories. I am presenting them in the order they now appear on the home page of the online NYT. Compare the tone of this with what's embedded above

I strongly recommend you read these if you want to get the drift of what is actually happening.

Slowing down the negotiations is not what Trump wants. He is conducting the Con of the Millenium. Flynn flak is definitely a big time downer.

The frosting on this is either delicious of most bitter indeed, depending on your view of Trump.

The truth

The true story of this tax cut is that is about helping big investors. I am what you might call a small investor, but I am fully aware of how our tax laws prevent anyone with any investment at all from actually having any money to work with. It is called the capital gains tax. I think I will write an article on it.

Suffice to say that Trump cannot sustain the fake story he is telling. The clues to why are here. Flynn coming out will definitely change the narrative. Internal flaws in the bill will appear. That three-way collision could occur.