The Dutch website Dumpert has called upon President Donald Trump to "Stop posting fake news," according to ABC News on Thursday. The website was referring to Trump's retweet of a video that he claimed displayed a Muslim migrant beating a Dutch boy in a wheelchair. The video, which was retweeted by Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of a radical, right wing British political party "Britain-First" on Tuesday, captioned the video with the line, "Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches," according to ABC News on Thursday. Police agencies and prosecutors in Holland have confirmed that in actuality, the video did not display, "Neither Muslim nor migrant."

Stop posting 'fake news'

Rene van Leeuwen, webmaster of Dumpert, stated that the video originally had been posted on May 13, 2017 and that it was taken down by order of law enforcement agencies.

Despite this, Donald Trump, who was described as a "blowhard" by Former President George H.W. Bush, posted the video anyway with the aforementioned inflammatory caption. Whether the President knew this and chose to publish the article anyway, or if he did not know it, still is unknown. However, in light of Trump's history of racist tweets and comments, it would not be hard to believe that he was fully aware of the video's history and chose to post it anyway.

Who is 'Britain First?'

The radical group Britain First was founded in 2011. Since its inception, the extremist group has mobilized against what it describes as "Islamic extremism" and "mass migration." Britain First even has gone so far as to hold" Christian patrols" in parts of Calais, France with high numbers of Muslim immigrants and refugees.

The objective of the patrols was to" discourage" these people from immigrant to the U.K.. The fake video apparently was made to incite hatred against Muslims among British citizens. The group's incendiary title, "Britain First," is indicative of such sentiment.

British Prime Minister criticizes 'the Donald'

A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Theresa May stated that the President should not have retweeted the video.

Trump has a poor track record when visiting abroad. When he and Melania were visiting China, Trump left Melania in China while he went to Vietnam and criticized China while Melania was still there!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders weighs in

In addition, the British government is contemplating banning Trump from visiting Britain. In the meantime, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to rationalize Trump's retweeting of the video by stating, "Whether it's a real video, the threat is real, and that is what the president is talking about," according to ABC News on Thursday.

Twitter burn

Donald Trump took a lot of heat on Twitter for his retweeting of the Britain First video.

This person discussed the fact that Trump is under fire on Twitter:

Another described Trump's retweeting of the video as "a different kind of bigotry."

Yet another asked Trump if he is going to retweet "every school bullying video he sees for now on:"