I have the solution for Donald. Flip his base. Trade his 30 percent for 70 percent. He could do it and get away with it. He won't but it is good advice. With all he has done to destroy everything, he would have massive latitude. He could say the Republicans and Democrats are hopeless. No one would argue. He could reject his destructive language and his harmful deeds and instructions.

He could rely on Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama for advice.

The president is well beyond saving. He will either become a worse dictator or be sent packing. But I'm just saying what could happen and I have learned that my ideas have little traction in the Googleverse.

So I can speak freely and resign myself to fate.


Trump would have to flip on race and wear a tolerance T-shirt. He would need to flip on oil and the military and come out for helpfulness. He could reject both neo-liberalism and GOP conservatism and come out for cyber-liberalism.

Cyber-liberalism is a melding of liberal values with an appreciation that we are at the start of a world that is entirely new in terms of its MO.


The operation of the world in the future will not make either side in today's world jump for joy. Responsibility would get a boost. But regulation would be keyed to the ministrations of intelligence (actual intelligence, not today's ineffective secrecy).

Sure, call this dreaming.

But I will guarantee that the binary configuration of today's reality will change whether it wants to or not. Without a modest but crucial ethical leap, we are condemned to exactly what we are getting now.

Present prospects

The options facing us are grim. We have two forces working at cross-purposes. Most of the world is poised for the simple changes that would make life better for all.

Most economies understand the parameters for prosperity. But the other force is the old way that is binary, militaristic, small-minded and, at this point, Trumpian.

The change we need is attitudinal and it must take place on the side that is losing the battle while retaining the power to take us all with them.

Trump will be toast the moment he changes which is why he won't. We are condemned to oppose him and hope that we will not mess up as we deal with the aftermath.


There are two kinds of trump in the game of bridge. 1. The most powerful suit. As in four spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds. 2. Or no trump. Which means you give up having a trump card. Anything goes.

The president must choose the hand he will try to play from here on out.