The solution to California's constant weather-related problems is the same as the world's solution to all problems. Live differently. Live consciously. Consciousness is always open to choice. Problems are not challenge and response. Instead, they are challenge and experimental response -- infinite experimental response. Challenge and finding a better way. Always a better way. It is dynamic, not static.

Somehow when we face the really big issues we lose hold on a law that works universally. It is the basic law of triadic thinking.

It assumes consciousness.

It leaps over the back-and-forth about whether consciousness exists and why metaphysics is supposition. These are binary modes of considering things. It says if you are willing to free science to be science, you can validate every act and expression that rises from consciousness.

Science is captive today, but so is most everything else.


What has this to do with the unfolding destruction of LA? Everything.

Triadic Philosophy has three terms that compose a root or basic triad. There is reality -- in the case of LA, that would be a fire that is at many points out of control. Second, there is ethics which considers matters like flexibility, tolerance, helping, education, enablement, human rights and democracy.

Finally, there is expression and action.

There is nothing more measurable, more scientifically accessible, than an action or an expression.

What I am writing will be measured by many things. Readership, impact and so forth. Everything is measured. That is what raw data is -- things we use for measurement.


We start with reality -- that fire -- to get to a reality vastly better than a raging and destructive fire that creates trauma and death.

The reality we are trying for in triadic thought is one that assumes a choice, a change, an evolution.

I love LA, whether through the writing of James Ellroy or my own memories. I love its tree-festooned neighborhoods and even its scruffy and wasteland stretches.

But romanticism and Binary Thinking is LA's doom.


The solution for all humankind is to live in environments where a fire is the most remote of possibilities.

Our entire future building should be based on a reasonable way to survive in safety with a proper mix of justice, love, and freedom.

In a practical sense, it means the world must become cybercities or cybercommunities. It means living in a protected shell that contains enough persons to make a viable economy -- say up to 10K. It means making walkability the norm within the cybercommunity.

It means applying technology that is reasonable to the building of a world where every person has a shot and where how we now live is supplanted by something very new and possibly very good.

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