I am in the same boat as the hapless GOP. I have no idea what's in their so-called tax reform package, and the media is being less than helpful. If you dial up a story on the tax bill the details of what is happening to ObamaCare are not likely there. In fact, I am coming to feel that the bill's main purpose is to pay off the rich by killing untold numbers of Americans. The idea that Trump's winter income bump for normal people is true is also an open question.

Speed kill

The bill is a rush job. We cannot have Jones in the Senate. If Susan Collins flips as she should and Jones is seated as he should be, the whole bill could dematerialize as it should.

So the man who purports to be the Majority Leader is using his purported skills to prevent Jones from taking his seat to say no to this atrocity.

Well, that's a great move if you do not believe in democracy. It is right up there with keeping Merrick Garland off the SCOTUS bench and believing it was a wonderful triumph to seat the Federalist Society darling Neil Gorsuch.

GOP crimes

When the history of this time is written the GOP will emerge as one of the main causes of failure and decay, and their leader will be named as perp number one along with the likes of John Boehner and Newt Gingrich.

There's your GOP tax bill, people.

This is the murderous spree they are hiding behind this not-so-hidden gift to the top corporations and the upper percent.

Do you know what happens when a billionaire gets another million or two? They keep it. It goes into the market or some exotic fund or over to some island somewhere. Corporations do the same thing. They hide the money or hoard it.

It does not produce jobs. It produces more wealth.

ObamaCare dies

Meanwhile, ObamaCare is drawing its last long breaths, and Social Security is waiting in the wings. The GOP is on a murder spree. They have a green light. They have a cheerleader who says this will jump-start the economy. The best thing Trump has done for the economy is to fail at governance.

The economy does well enough without being fooled with by a man who does not care if a person with a preexisting condition can afford to live.

Death awaits

To have a fair society we need an economic plan that creates a floor strong enough to support all. That's not in the tax plan. We need a plan that will not predictably speed early death for people who might be expected to have decades to live. The injustices in this bill are unknown because no one has read it and no one has had a chance to debate it. It sits somewhere in the Capitol filled with potential death for Americans, and the only question is when we will know the full toll it will take.