The world continues to condemn North Korea and imposes economic sanctions at regular intervals to block its activities connected to the development of nuclear weapons. However, its leader Kim Jong-un has ignored these and overcome obstacles to pursue his nuclear ambitions. AoL reports that, after the latest launch of an ICBM, Kim could be toying with the idea of the Electromagnetic Impulse EMP.

Pyongyang is probably testing the ground before taking the next step to retaliate against America. It may be recalled that President Donald Trump had, during a speech to the UN, threatened to "totally destroy" the country.

Therefore, Kim Jong-un has sent a message by conducting the latest test of an ICBM that could strike the US mainland.

Fears of an EMP on the horizon

Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN, has remarked that the latest launch of an ICBM by North Korea has raised fears of war. The missile did not cause any damage but attained considerable height before finally splashing into the Sea of Japan.

In the opinion of experts, in case Kim Jong-un goes ahead to create an electromagnetic impulse by detonating a nuclear device over the Pacific, it would be catastrophic. It would lead to the death of millions and throw lives into total disarray. The Pacific Ocean and its surroundings would remain contaminated for ages.

The effects would be felt by people whose livelihood depends on the ocean apart from boats and ships that operate in the region. It would also affect lives on the land because the electromagnetic pulse would damage electrical grids, and cripple infrastructure that would take ages to rebuild. Electricity supplies would be disrupted and such an event impacts on hospitals and other essential services, thus endangering lives.

There will be further disruption in industries as this highly technical age heavily relies on electricity in order to function.

Are we headed for the worst?

Incidentally, the underground nuclear test facility of North Korea is believed to be damaged. A high intensity blast during the reported testing of a powerful bomb in the tunnel led to landslides, earthquakes, and cave-ins.

This has put a question mark on the usefulness of the test site.

If Pyongyang does conduct another test at the same site, the mountain could be severely damaged leading to release of radioactive material into the atmosphere. This could turn into an environmental disaster such as those seen at Chernobyl and Fukushima. In case it spreads across the border to China, it would not be in the interest of the North because China is its strongest ally. Therefore, there are fears that Kim Jong-un could select the Pacific Ocean as the venue of his next test which could be an electromagnetic impulse device.