Intelligence gathered by US officials indicates that North Korea has made all necessary preparations to launch its sixth nuclear test any moment.

Satellite imagery recently collected from the Punggye-ri test site shows significant changes, US intelligence officials have said. Satellites images presented clearly indicated massive activities on the surface of the test site, which includes military personnel, vehicle, equipment and two tunnel entrances that were dug, possibly to be used for the underground test.

Satellite images

Recent satellite pictures show that activity at the site had stopped, which is also the same pattern of activity before previous tests were carried out.

This ultimately means that preparations are on deck for a possible nuclear launch soonest.

The South Korean government has issued a statement warning that an Underground Nuclear Test can take place as soon Kim Jong Un, North Korean Leader gives his orders.

US and South Korea's reactions

South Korean officials said that they have assessed that the DPRK is ready to launch a nuclear test any moment should its leadership orders it. Lee Duk-haeng, South Korea’s Ministry of Unification spokesperson, has said in a press conference that US and South Korean intelligence agencies have evaluated and come to a conclusion that North Korea is set to carry out a nuclear test any moment.

Preparation for ballistic missiles launch

The US on its part has said that the North also continues to move personnel and equipment in preparation for ballistic missiles launch. The US officials further stated that it is impossible for the US to know exactly when and how a nuclear or an underground nuclear test could take place.

North Korea are known for moving equipment and personnel around its nuclear site to deceive monitoring satellites they believe are watching their activities.

The United States currently stationed a WC-135 aircraft in the region that conducts air sampling after suspecting that the DPRK had launched underground test. The has in the past picked up seismic activity in the location of the North Korean nuclear test site to confirm the launch of an underground test.