Associating Donald trump with hot air is particularly appropriate now. Associating him with two balloons filled with Hot Air is also fair. The reason why is that there is a real tax bill being considered. It contains real elements that are intensely painful and economically disastrous, But the hot air Trump is blowing into his monster balloons ignores the actual bill and concentrates on fantasies. The fantasies sound more and more like insane delusions.

We have a President now conceded by the White House to have mental problems touting a tax plan that is so dangerous and damaging that everyone who can read knows it is a disaster.

But the balloons are getting bigger and they are mesmerizing the binary media into seeing the current struggle as merely a fight between two sides.

The fight has always between what is reasonable and what is intensely harmful. In other words between what is good and what is not good.Here in concise terms is everything about the tax bill that is not good.

And here is a very short, crisp New York Times video that flags the hard truths and cruel lies of the Trump tax effort.

Two big lies

The first lie is that the bill is about jobs and making the middle class prosperous.

It isn't. The money given to the wealthy corporations has already been earmarked for dividends. I imagine there will be big bonuses paid with our tax money as well. So much for growing jobs.

The worst lie is that this is a tax reform. It is actually an Obamacare repeal bill in the robes of false largesse. This is the GOP's revenge on us for eight years of humiliating efforts to repeal an honest effort to make health care more affordable.

Passing this bill will end any thought of a safety net. Danger is all that it signals.

Deficit kahuna

The Deficit will balloon if this bill is passed. This truth is even creating a faint hope that the Senate GOP may come to its senses and say no to their flawed and harmful effort.

Trump's triumphant hot air campaign is based on a classic bait and switch that is itself as false as can be, The promise is instant goodies for the lower 90 percent.

These instant cuts are applicable only to those who do not live in states where there are good services and therefore high taxes. This bill is a war on good state governments. If you get to deduct your local taxes now, forget about it under Trump. There goes your cut.

And of course, the cuts expire when Trump is long gone and the lower 90 percent is left with the task of paying the damages that result from a deficit that Trump is not merely enlarging but exploding. We are being optimistic about the capacity of balloons to hold as much hot air as the President is spewing.

Is this sane?

I leave you with images of balloons and the fearful testimony of a professional psychiatrist who is not alone. The West Wing is said to be petrified by this man.