In an article for Charisma Magazine, Jennifer LeClaire addresses a growing problem in the body of Christ. Many believers flock to so-called prophets who promise spouses, houses, and cars, and shun true seers who are among them. Even though these prophetic voices accurately warn of coming tragedy, they are ignored because many pastors are teaching their congregations to speak positive and not listen to anything negative. Leclaire points out that these men and women often retreat because of the rejection they experience. Many will no longer share what they are seeing in the spiritual realm because people don't like what they have to say.

The persecution of seers is real

In the Bible, Jeremiah and Michaiah were prophetic voices who were accused of only seeing bad things to come, and both were persecuted and even imprisoned. Rather than respect these men of God for having a gift that was accurate, they were shunned because no one wanted to hear that they had transgressed against God and were going to be punished. Time and time again warnings were not heeded and the people suffered. This same thing happens today within segments of the Christian Church.

The name it, claim it, speak things into existence, and only say what is positive movement has dulled the ears of many within the body of Christ. For this reason, they shun anyone who is not telling them that their future is filled with fame and fortune.

This is frustrating for seers who have to stand by and watch people expecting something wonderful to happen when they know that tragedy is going to take place. True prophetic voices are weary of being called negative and many have decided to remain silent.

Jennifer LeClaire offers hope for weary seers

In Jeremiah Chapter 20 the prophet became so distressed that he said he would no longer tell anyone what God was showing him because he was tired of being persecuted.

He found out, however, that when he held in the words, it was like a fire shut up in his bones. The weary seer said he had no choice but to release the harsh truths to those he knew would reject him. Many seers in the Christian Church today attempt to do the same.

In her Charisma article, Jennifer LeClaire says that God wants to heal the hearts of His wounded spiritual warriors.

She even shares a prayer that the Lord will heal the hearts and ease the minds of those He has chosen for this prophetic calling. Those who see harsh truths should expect persecution and rejection, and also realize that this has been the way of seers since biblical times.