When leaders of Crenshaw Christian Center were asked about the resignation of their pastor Fred Price Jr., the response was that they did not know and were not going to speculate. Those who are outside of church circles may be surprised by the hush-hush attitude but there a reason for it. Within Word Of Faith Churches, there is a teaching that that church goers do not to ask questions regarding the personal issues of their pastor. And always defend their man of God against those who may seem to judge.

The Word of Faith methodology

I've belonged to two churches that adhere to the Word of Faith methodology.

Twelve years in this atmosphere taught me a lot. The focus in these churches is on the pastors. It is taught that they founded the church and God speaks to them alone on certain issues. Members are told never to question the leader but to pray for him. It is also emphasized that you should never allow anyone else to express a negative opinion about your pastor in your presence.

The teaching states that God will take care of the pastor if he is wrong and will punish church folk who put their tongue on their spiritual leaders. There is a vast difference between slandering someone and acknowledging they made a decision. I received some blowback from the article I wrote stating that Fred Price Jr.

had resigned. Several preachers said I was wrong to even to address it. They felt I should let God deal with him.

Over emphasis on protecting the pastor

This teaching is more than likely why Crenshaw Christian Center members are not more vocal. The Church founder Fred Price Sr. has taught the scripture "Touch not mine anointed" on his television show.

I don't know what Fred Price Jr.'s indiscretion was, but he did resign and it is news. His sheep, however, will do what they have been trained to do and defend him. Still, it is troubling that you cannot even state a fact regarding a preacher without a backlash from those whom they pastor.

I understand Fred Price Jr. asking for privacy but he already knows he will not get it.

When you have celebrity status and a church with more than 20,000 members people are going to talk. When you try to hide the issue it causes people to dig a little deeper into your personal business. The entire situation is very sad for Crenshaw Christian Center members as well as the Price family. Eventually, however, someone is going to talk. There will, of course, be rumor and fake news, but at some point, the truth will be revealed. It's just the way of the world.