Helpfulness is one of the three Universal action values of Triadic Philosophy. It is anything that enables and educates. Education is understanding why things are as they are. Enablement is knowing what to do and how to do it.

The world runs on helpfulness, tolerance, and democracy.

Triadic understanding

This values-based argument results from the wreckage of a world that has been built on a binary foundation. There will always be situations that are irreconcilable. But they should be rare exceptions, not the rules of mass behavior. Consideration and responsibility are the fruits of practicing Triadic Philosophy.

The root triad by which we live is reality, ethics aesthetics. These are the three stages of conscious thinking. They are what Charles Sanders Peirce called sign, index, and symbol. The result of practicing the discipline of Triadic Philosophy is achieving the best possible results in action and expression.

Beyond schools

In the world that is coming, help should be a universal profession whose aims are to educate and enable. We should revive what we associate with Socratic teaching. That would be living in communities that are walkable and having small gatherings where people of all ages come and go.

These might be kiosks with seats where one could learn about anything under the sun.

We would disband universities and have basic income so that no one would be without means.

A child or an octogenarian or anyone else could go to a language kiosk and learn another tongue.


Any subject could be accessed because teaching would be curation and we would have access to the best resources beamed anywhere.

Businesses would make a profit but a fair one, not based on cutthroat competing. They would have a hand in education because they would eventually employ learners. Business would no longer be the enemy.

Nor would labor.


Tests would provide a clear and fair means of qualifying all who self-educate and self-enable. There would be multiple routes to everything. Capacity would be the only qualification and bossing would be more enabling than adversarial.

Underlying everything

The basis for such a world is simply a recognition that the only thing that really matters is achieving a good result – values rule universally. Everything else is more or less good or tending toward evil and needing correction.

Good is what does not harm. Evil is what does. We are fallible but capable of infinite movement toward realization beyond anything we now know. Beyond our closed thinking and binary ways lies a triadic infinity of options and ways of doing things.