An article in Kim Jong-un's party paper recently said that Donald Trump should get the death penalty for insulting their beloved leader. According to the Daily Mail, North Koreans revere their rulers with God-like status and see number 45's offense as one of the highest levels of betrayal. State media editorial said that the president of the United States should be sentenced to death by the Korean people. Perhaps the POTUS should have paid attention to the fact that previous administrations exerted caution when dealing with this particular world leader.

Now, because of his childlike and bullying ways, the leader of the free world has put the entire nation and his life in jeopardy.

Kim Jong-un should be taken seriously

Previous Presidents were careful where the North Korean leader was concerned, but now because of his reckless behavior, Donald Trump has placed himself and the American people in grave danger. Name calling is very unbecoming of an adult, especially a world leader. To refer to Kim Jong-un as "short and fat" was an embarrassment to the entire world. The editorial said that all the rulers of the Kim dynasty are viewed in a God-like manner, and their loyal subjects are extremely sensitive to any negative comments about their leaders.

For this reason, the POTUS may have bitten off of more than he can chew.

There is an old saying that you do not wave a red flag at a bull, but Donald Trump seems to like to push the buttons of every world leader except for Vladimir Putin. The fact that this president has the ability to push the nuclear war button should frighten every U.S.

citizen. This man is impetuous, and he often acts without thinking. He has had nothing but drama and chaos every single day since he became president. Now he has one of the most unstable leaders in the world possibly ready to give an order for someone to take him out. This is why Kim Jong-un should be taken very seriously.

Donald Trump is putting everyone in jeopardy

The party paper of KimJong-un putting in writing that North Koreans believe Donald Trump should get the death penalty could cause harm. Someone who is extremely loyal to their leader may possibly act on it, and this would indeed set in motion a possible world war. The U.S. president is so full of himself that he is not able to see the danger he has put himself and the nation in.

This is a very troubling time for Americans and also the entire world, as two of the leaders are bickering like children with no thought of the harm they are inflicting on others. Donald Trump's finger could push the red button, and Kim Jong-un could send missiles to the United States. The leader of the free world should operate with more diplomacy and desire peace instead of calling another world leader "short and fat."