Triadic Philosophy is based on principles drawn from everywhere. Virtually any stream of thought is worth considering. Turing had it right. Keep going until you find a contradiction. Triadic Philosophy merely states what cannot be contradicted.

There are three basic, Universal Values that cannot be contradicted – tolerance, Helpfulness, and Democracy.

Values and ideals

But, you say, what about love and justice and freedom? What about having no other gods before the Holy One? Are there not all manner of general terms that are right up there with your three values?

These words are not "action values" as much as they are ideals. They are universal, yes. But they are not, in themselves, able to create progress.

These ideals should summon us to be democratic, helpful and tolerant. If they don’t, they are distortions at best and hypocrisy at worst. They become what Orwell called doublespeak.

The power

The three values — tolerance, democracy, and helpfulness — have universal power. Simply ask, regarding any matter you can think of, is it tolerant, is it helpful, is it democratic? That is a powerful, interactive ethical index that everyone can use.

Each of these values is necessary for our survival.


Tolerance and helpfulness speak to basic decency. A human being who is tolerant of themselves and others is basically benign. That means receptive to the good, open to good outcomes.

Helpfulness is upbuilding oneself and others – via education and enabling. It derives from what religion calls charity, but it has learned that respect for all persons demands less pity and more tangible helpfulness.


Democracy is the dominant social value. It is actually necessary for the world to move through its stages of monarchy and dictatorship to the evolving of democratic governance.

Under the radar, democracy is becoming the choice all over, with huge exceptions and some serious setbacks.

But destiny suggests that a world in which all are given equal rights means shared governance.


Globally education can nip many harmful prejudices in the bud. We do not need to be convinced of the harm of hostility to immigrants. We know how it is used to create negative politics.

We need schooling that links progress to the values named here. Otherwise, we will continue to have a culture that is mired in the binary presuppositions of the past. It may be entertaining to see everything smashed to smithereens. Unfortunately, too much of the smashing that goes on is a sad emulation of our binary culture.