Donna Brazile was brought in as the interim chairperson of the Democrat National Committee in 2011. It was a time of turmoil as Debbie Wasserman Schultz was just removed due to a lack of oversight leading to hacked e-mails. Brazile claims that Wasserman Schultz used party funds to sustain a lavish lifestyle and neither Wasserman Schultz or President Obama was interested in funding the Democrat National Committee, leaving her to pick up the pieces.

'Hacks': the inside story

What Brazile discovers as interim chair, leads her to write the book "Hacks," a tell-all of behind the scenes intrigue, power, and corruption.

Ms Brazile discovers that Hillary Clinton has signed an agreement with the DNC giving her control of the party and funding. Brazile has little say over the candidate, leaving her with a gutted DNC and little direction.

Ms Brazile is at a loss when confronting Hillary Clinton's elitism. Brazile believes she has the right to express her own thoughts and ideas as it relates to the Clinton campaign while she chairs the DNC. Unfortunately, no one will let her into the inner circle.

The hacking of the DNC by the Russians is extensively covered as is the cyber-security used in repairing the damage. In her eyes, cyber-attacks are not new and should have been expected, yet there is no one there to protect the servers and little in the way of software.

Brazile is rightfully angered but is relegated to a meaningless role where she wields little power.

Hillary Clinton comes across as an egomaniacal politicist expecting to be obeyed. In Brazile's eyes, Clinton wrongly assumes she is the presumptive nominee and Bernie Sanders should not expect assistance from the DNC. Ms. Brazile abhors this misuse of power and sets out to change things only to be thwarted by the Clinton campaign.

The book is easy to read and filled with expletives. Donna Brazile has nothing but contempt for Robby Mook, Clinton's campaign manager, or Brandon Davis, Brazile's conduit to Clinton. She feels that Clinton, Obama, and Wasserman Schultz deliberately set out to destroy the DNC.

Of conflicts and interviews

When reading "Hacks," it is good to remember that Donna Brazile resigned from CNN when leaked e-mails implied collusion between Clinton and Brazile during a debate.

This is an alliance that goes back many years and while I was disappointed in the book and the interviews which conflict with much of what she wrote, I hope Donna Brazile is not swayed by fear and will say more in the future. Brazile's down-home activism is a far sight better than Queen Clinton who took up residence in an impenetrable ivory tower.