Facebook is a social network we use to connect with family, friends, and business associates. You get so much for so little — or do you?

Nothing in life is free

Big data is big money. Facebook sold your information to outside vendors for the highest price possible. I found it interesting to note during Zuckerberg's statement today that there wasn't an apology, but then, I didn't expect one.


He didn't do anything wrong.

Zuck's problem was he sold himself and his company as user-friendly and advocate of all things wonderful, when in reality, Facebook is a huge corporation determined to make money and Zuck and staff are succeeding beyond their wildest imaginations.

And that's OK.

Facebook User Information is how Facebook makes its money and it isn't uncommon for other websites and companies to sell user information as well. We humans are a commodity for which we are not paid. The husband and I were looking for a new refrigerator and it took me until I cleared my cache to get rid of the ads. Refrigerators followed us wherever we went on the web and we are not paranoid people.

Facebook vs Google

There are almost 2 billion subscribers to Facebook and nearly as many use Google. Clearly, Google is tracking you just like Facebook keeps an eye on your likes and dislikes. That little thumb is more than just a like, it is money in Facebook's pocket. When you like an ad, they log that too.

In 2017, Facebook's average advertising revenue per user was $20.21. The social network's advertising revenue in 2017 was over 30 million dollars. Facebook is not just a social site, it is a mega-corporation making money off of everything they can mine about the user.

Information is power and if you don't think Google is aware of that you are mistaken.

Every time you search for something, Google logs it. Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, recently went on the record saying: “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

The privacy question

Privacy does not exist online. Someone is always watching you, grabbing your information, using what you like and dislike to target you with ads or even for more nefarious activities.

If you think your social security number is safe, or your birth date or name, it isn't. Hackers know how valuable your information is and they are after it too. Advertisers are just as motivated. Their jobs are to sell things and if they know what you like, they will target you because they already know everything about you. When money is involved, privacy goes by the wayside

Think about what goes through your Facebook feed. There are sponsored ads, sidebar ads, sponsored stories, and promoted posts. Each one of them is directed toward what you like. Like one ad and a dozen similar ads will appear.

It is one heck of a money making scheme and Facebook and Google have taken it farther and faster than anyone else.

Most of us, at least on some level, are well aware of what is going on which makes the angst surrounding the selling of information absurd. If you expect privacy, you need to leave the Internet behind.