The Washington D.C. based non-profit, No Labels, pushes politicians to work together and put an end to divisive rhetoric. Democrats and Republicans alike continually argue that the other side is causing deep divides among the American people. The daily back and forth among politicians regarding the causes of this division doesn't help to close the widening gap between Democrats and Republicans. The lack of compromise and debate within Washington, from both sides of the political aisle, causes divide within Washington and with the American people.

In recent months, tax reform and healthcare bills, forming behind closed doors and without bipartisan participation, continue to cause strain between Republican and Democratic lawmakers. The non-profit group, No Labels is making sweeping efforts to change the way politics is done in our country and in Washington. Most recently, No Labels has brought in two senators from either side of the political spectrum as honorary co-chairs in the effort to promote active bipartisan politics in Washington.

Senator Collins (R-Maine) and Senator Manchin (D-W.VA) push for bipartisan efforts

Both senators possess a resume of working across the aisle to promote vigorous debate in an effort to push for good legislation.

Input from both Republicans and Democrats creates legislation that can work for all Americans.

Americans are growing less confident in President Donald Trump

Americans are watching our leadership in Washington on a daily basis and growing weary of their ability to unite us and make change for our country. To combat the lack of confidence in our system, No Labels wants to see more bipartisan efforts from our congressional lawmakers.

No Labels hopes to challenge the division in politics by bringing in two senators from Washington with a record of working across the aisle to create bipartisan legislation.

Working closely with the House Problem Solvers Caucus

Both senators hope to lead the charge in passing bipartisan legislation and growing American confidence in Washington D.C.

lawmakers. Americans are not happy with the practice of behind closed door policy making. No Labels hopes that by bringing on two bipartisan policymakers, they can lead the way on opening up the doors for debate when it comes to drafting legislation that affects all Americans.

No Labels hopes to bring more congressional members to the table

The Washington based non-profit hopes that the involvement of Senator Collins and Senator Manchin will open the door for more Members Of Congress to pledge efforts to work across the aisle. No Labels wants to spread the idea that when members of Congress come together they can show that the legislative process is effective when the parties work together to pass bipartisan legislation.

With Collins and Manchin stepping forward to lead the effort for more effective bipartisan participation, No Labels expects more congressional leaders to commit to crossing party lines to solve key issues for the American people.