For the past week number 45 has been insisting that he is the reason Lavar Ball's son and two other NBA players were not incarcerated for shoplifting in China. Donald Trump became livid when Ball refused to thank him for his role in obtaining the release of the young men. On Twitter, he referred to the basketball father as an ungrateful fool who looked like Don King without hair. Now "The Palmer Report" has given detail related to the NBA players being sent back to America that contradict the president's statement. It seems that the basketball players were released because of Chinese law.

Donald Trump gives Americans fake news yet again

Number 45 loves to pat himself on the back and brag about what good things he is doing but most times what he says is not accurate. This happens to be the case with the three NBA players who were caught shoplifting in China. According to Bill Palmer, "The New York Times," reported that there is a law that is already in place to deal with what the Chinese consider minor offenses. It just so happens that shoplifting is one of them. Donald Trump has been insisting that this was a big deal and if not for him the three young men would have been sent to prison.

Lavar Ball's son was set free for the same reason other tourists are released when they commit minor crimes in China.

It seems the Chinese do not want to deal with major International issues over what they consider to be small crimes. Number 45 has been insisting that this was indeed a big deal, but the facts indicate that yet again he was trying to make himself look good by yet again giving Fake News.

Donald Trump continues to show himself to be unpresidential

Donald Trump has been in office for an entire year and continues to show the world that he is unpresidential His small base of supporters remain fiercely loyal and keep the blinders on regarding the man they voted into the office of president.

They will no doubt insist that it is "The New York Times," and also Bill Palmer who are reporting fake news and keep standing by the man who coined the phrase.

The Chinese law has obviously been in use for some time but Donald Trump will never admit it. He will continue to spin things in his favor and his small group of supporters will remain loyal and defensive where he is concerned.

Number 45 will keep on tweeting and insulting those who do not agree with him or who call him out when he presents fake news. Shoplifting is a crime and should not be condoned, but neither should a president who operates beneath the dignity of the office.