Donald Trump spent years trying to convince people that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. He also called for the execution og five young black men who were found innocent of assaulting a white woman in Central Park. Evidence proved that Obama was indeed born on U.S. soil and that the five young men were innocent. Trump never apologized for either erroneous statement and his sparring with NFL players and Lavar Ball have caused some Americans to wonder if he has a problem with black people. Today on CNN, author Tony Schwartz.

said the POTUS is both in awe and in fear of African Americans.

Donald Trump is in awe of black athletes

Schwartz co-wrote the book "The Art Of The Deal," which chronicles the life of number 45. Schwartz has spent time with the president and believes he understands him pretty well. He said that he believes Donald Trump is in awe of black athletes, wishing he had the same capabilities. He also pointed out that he believes the president also fears black people and that is why he is always in fight mode.

The world has watched as number 45 attacks anyone who crosses him and seems especially obsessed with Hilary Clinton, whom he refers to as crooked. The POTUS referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as short and fat, so to be fair, he criticizes everyone who he perceives to be attacking him.

What cannot be ignored, however, is the fact that Donald Trump seems fearful when it comes to black Americans.

African Americans are troubled by the Trump presidency

Donald Trump has stated several times that he is the least racist person on the planet, but his actions tell another story. In addition to Obama and Ball, the POTUS attacked African American NFL players who took a knee during the National Anthem and referred to Congresswoman Frederica Wilson as the wacky congresswoman.

The fact that he did not denounce his endorsement by former Klan leader David Duke and did not immediately come against the White Supremacists in Charlottesville gives credibility to what Tony Schwartz is saying.

When Donald Trump said Lavar Ball was a fool and Don King without the hair, many Americans were shocked, as King and The Donald were thought to be longtime associates.

His wording was also considered by many to be racist. A number of African Americans have been troubled by the Trump presidency since day one, because they believed his indifference toward minorities would be a problem. Now Tony Schwartz, a white male, is acknowledging the POTUS has problems with black people. This is very troubling indeed.