The Saints might want to trade Adrian Peterson before the trade deadline, and they might want to get rid of him before he becomes an even bigger problem in the locker room. There are many people who believe that the Saints are not even interested in giving Peterson touches, and they probably need to trade him for value before Sean Payton gets fired for messing this up so badly. Peterson is a hall of famer who deserves a better home, and he could be moved, along with some other people who are in the wrong place.

Peterson is unhappy

We all know that Peterson is unhappy, and the Saints are not even doing anything with him.

Dalvin Cook is having a ball up in Minnesota, and Peterson is suffering in new orleans. The problem with New Orleans is that everyone there thinks they are the smartest guy in the room. Drew Brees believes he knows best, but so does Sean Payton. Peterson is probably thinking that he came back from an ACL tear to rush for 2000 yards. These three guys must be staring at each other wondering how they could be so stupid. I do not believe in the Holy Alliance of Brees and Payton. There is a rift on this team somewhere.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell may be the wrong person for New York considering how bad they are. There is more talk of people wanting to get more pieces back for this guy. You will never get full value for him, but you can get something.

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman probably will not get traded because the Seahawks claim that they have worked out their difference, but he could be traded if their current woes cause more tension in the locker room. If the Seahawks want to go full Patriot and trade him, they could get a mint back from a team that is desperate to have someone like him on their team.

Aaron Donald

I would not trade Aaron Donald, but he may already be so upset with the Rams that they will want to trade him. That would be a blockbuster trade, but it might be worth it in the end. That is a move that would make the Rams more prepared to pick up depth, and they could take the same path that the 49ers are taking by growing their team.

This trade is unlikely, but it could happen.

Why trade now?

NFL teams are often seen as stuck once they set their rosters before the season starts. They can make minor moves, but they rarely do big things. Trading now could give a team a chance to make a big splash. What if a team like the Falcons traded for Aaron Donald? What would happen then? We need to wait and find out.