The Seahawks have a player in the Hospital, they lost two others to injuries, and the debate about injuries in the NFL has been ignited once again. There are a lot of advocates, myself included, who think that football might be too dangerous to play. We are seeing the game try to narrow how it is played to prevent injuries, but it is constantly causing medical problems for its players. Maybe we need some rules about hospital stays and concussions that are a bit more serious than what we have today.

Cutting down on hospital visits

There may need to be a time where we tell players that they have to sit out so many games after going to the hospital.

They could go to the hospital for the smallest thing, but they need to be held out of games until they are ready to come back. Making this a standard thing could cut down on repeat injuries, and you would see fewer guys getting knocked out of the NFL while injured.

Limit concussions

We may need to put a cap on the number of concussions a guy has had. You will get players who lie about this to stay in the league, but that also means we need to have more rigorous medical checks for players. The players often want to go back into the game, and they might have to be taken through stricter protocols to get back on the field. This may be the only way to keep people safe, and it could prevent a lot of hard hits from guys who are not in their right minds when they make said hits.

Players need more education

The guys in the NFL are adults who can make their own decisions, but they need to be given more education about how their bodies are changed by playing in the NFL. They must be told in no uncertain terms what will happen to their brains over time, and it must be done in the way that they show contestants on diet shows how unhealthy they are.

It needs to be shocking, and it needs to be part of the rookie symposium. Football is already violent enough, and you might see the game change if more guys knew how much damage they were doing just tackling someone.

Rugby tackling

Rugby tackling that is used by people like Pete Carroll could change the way the game is played, and it could help players get hurt less because they are taking people to the ground in a way that is safe for everyone.

They cannot stop the injuries that occur, but they can stop more injuries from happening simply by doing things the safer way. Instead of Pete Carroll doing the rugby training, the league should advocate for this type of tackling and mandate it.