Are you passionate about reading? Are you always on the lookout for another book nerd to discuss the latest book you read? Do you think that besides reading, you need to add social flavor in your life? This is where a book club comes in and you will find that it can enrich your life in more ways than one.

A book club diversifies your choice of books and makes reading a priority

You find yourself reading a wider range of books as each member gets to choose one. You might be a vampire buff, but you find yourself mentally plowing through "Anna Karenina." Or maybe you have a penchant for romance novels, but in no time you are exploring a science fiction.

You might find yourself reading that classic that you could never make time for. Then again, your reading buddy can keep you motivated through a lengthy and demanding Ayn Rand novel. Your reading experience is enriched as you explore different genres while your mind opens up to new perspectives. You will gain more insight when you are exposed widely to an interesting cross-section of discussions from people of different backgrounds.

With the demands of modern life, it can be a challenge to pick up that book lying on the shelf for months. This is where a book club fills that gap because once you join one you will be cornered to prioritize your reading time. You will find yourself mentally booking that time – maybe just after your lunch break when you need to unwind or maybe a few minutes before you hit the bed.

Reading becomes a goal and you feel a sense of achievement when you tick it off on your daily to-do list or maybe four times a week. This commitment to keeping up with the other members of your book club deepens and makes you more disciplined about your reading habits.

Book clubs enrich your social life

You get to make new friends.

As we leave school or university and start our lives as homemakers, self-employed individuals, or business owners, meeting new people becomes a challenge – especially the ones with the same interests. Even if we do, it is just on a superficial level as we find that there is no common thread to connect us. With Book Clubs not only do you get to meet new people, communication becomes easier as you talk about something you are passionate about, and listen to each other's thoughts and opinions.

Meetings at a regular interval coupled with shared chit-chat and laughter over a cup of tea or snacks help foster that bond among the members.

Once you finish reading a book, you are dying to talk about it with anyone who shows an inclination to listen. Instead of dumping your views on people who feign polite interest, you will find like-minded people in the club to discuss the plot, the protagonist or the climax.

It gives you a break from the usual routine as you meet members at their homes or at a favorite restaurant. Conversations over tea or lunch can be simply relaxing and keep you rejuvenated for the next few weeks. You tend to become socially active and adept as you meet people from different backgrounds and cultures.

You grow as a human being and mature emotionally, thereby enhancing your mental and spiritual health. You often build lifelong friendships through these clubs.

Book clubs help to hone your intelligence and boost your communication skills

You may be shy, especially at gatherings like clubs and parties. Book clubs make it easy to break the ice as you will find yourself easily discussing topics that you love and are knowledgeable about. Your Communication Skills improve by leaps and bounds with continuous practice at every meeting.

You will be contemplating deeper issues brought to the table by different members. You will find your adrenaline flowing as you get involved in riveting discussions and are intellectually stimulated.

This creative outlet for your thoughts will make you feel nurtured through mind and body. You will be exposed to critical thinking and debate the finer points about society and the world at large. Regular contact with books also enriches your vocabulary and writing skills.

At first, your confidence may be shaky and lacking as you voice your opinions after a lot of thought. But gradually with practice, your public speaking skills improve. You also get to learn a lot by observing others who are skilled in this platform. You know when to avoid a faux pas or a socially unexpected behavior like pushing your opinion and cutting off other members even before they finish what they have to say.

You are free to be honest.

You can voice your thoughts to an audience who is always open for a difference of opinion or perspective. These kinds of experiences are psychologically positive and self-revelatory. It liberates your mind and heart, while alleviating the stress of the daily grind.