Keeping a Gratitude Journal can bring a miraculous change in our lives. It not only reduces our stress levels and promotes self-growth, but also brings in a sense of well being while filling our lives with abundance. It helps enforce the habit of being grateful in our lives. More than often we go on grumbling about our jobs, spouses or our finances till it becomes a part of our personality. We become negative and feel that we are the victims of all the problems that exist in this world. Life seems so unlucky for us and we complain saying, ‘Why me?' But it is not too late to change and we can cultivate the feeling of gratitude till it becomes a daily habit in our lives.

This is where gratitude journaling comes in.

Things to write in a gratitude journal

So what is gratitude journaling? It is a practice of keeping a journal where we write three to five things that we are grateful for on a daily basis. We must keep in mind though that whatever we write must not be automated and repetitive. When we write about the things we are grateful for, we must also have the feeling of appreciation attached to it. If it becomes mechanical and we write just for the sake of it, we become immune and this does not help to bring a shift in our consciousness.

On the other hand, when we focus on the feeling of appreciation we shift our mindset to the positive side of things. This brings a positive impact in our personal vibration.

This positive vibration radiates through our aura and we generate it to the universe. The universe picks up our vibration of appreciation for all the good things that show up in our lives and thereby gets the message that we want more of this. It, in turn, helps us to create and generate more of this goodness in our lives. Instead of focusing on what we don’t have when we pay attention to all the positive influence and things in our lives, we inevitably attract more of it.

This practice is especially very important to follow during our troubled times, however trying or difficult it might be. Mostly because it is during this time that we need our lives to change for the better in a positive and powerful way. When we hold on and have faith in the positive side of things, only then can we generate a positive outcome in our lives.

We can start writing about the small things that we are grateful for. Like for e.g., it may be a sibling's phone call that assures us with a sense of security that our family is around whenever we need them. Or we can mention about the new self-help book that touched us and gave us an insight into a problem we were facing. During our difficult days when we turn back the pages of our gratitude journal and re-read it, we will feel more appreciative about our lives and realize that there is so much to be thankful for.

The miracle of gratitude journaling

Writing makes us calmer and centered as it helps unclutter our thoughts on paper. We develop a sense of objectivity as we stop worrying about a problem and start viewing it as a third person.

The journal is like our best buddy whom we can spill our innermost thoughts and talk our heart out. We become relaxed as it helps release our pent-up frustrations and we feel understood. As we connect with our thoughts and try to make a sense of them, we receive more insight. This promotes awareness and helps us achieve self-actualization. While we pour our thoughts on paper, we are more ‘present' in that moment.

We become mindful and less worried about the past or future. This pouring of our emotions on paper helps reduce our frustrations, anger, and pain. We attain more clarity to our emotions and this helps to organize our thoughts better. Our intuition and creativity sharpen as this practice activates the right side of our brain.

writing things we are grateful for helps fortify our sense of gratitude. Our state of well-being increases and at the same time it enhances emotional healing. During this process of writing grateful thoughts, a downstream of positive thoughts from the universe engulfs our mind and spirit. We do away with uncertainty, doubt, and negativity, while our connection with the universe is further reinforced.

It is a pure and wholesome connection as the universe channelizes with us unhindered. While it talks to us, it reflects back its vibration on us which pours out in the form of infinite abundance. We live our lives as per the one we mentally created with the universe and it will have everything that we had desired, coupled with that sense of gratitude.