Hoping to compete with Netflix, HBO is planning to make an important investment in a dystopian science fiction movie inspired by the famous novel "Fahrenheit 451" written by Ray Bradbury. The first details of the new HBO project were published by variety.com.

According to Variety, the project is still under development, but HBO is planning to start the production of the movie as soon as possible.

A future when the state legislates the burning of the books

Ray Bradbury's novel "Fahrenheit 451" from 1953 is considered to be a visionary masterpiece.

It describes a dystopian nightmare about a society where the state forbids reading and legislates the burning of the books, isolating the citizens into a socio-political "bubble" induced by drugs and mass-media.

"Fahrenheit 451": a metaphor for the world that has quit reading

The classic science fiction dystopian novel written by Bradbury described a world which is considered to be similar to nowadays reality, by creating a parable of a society where the known values have been overthrown, the culture has been lost, people gave up reading and they are very easily manipulated by mass media. The action of the story takes place in an undefined future when a totalitarian regime makes reading a crime and it legislates the burning of the books, keeping citizens in a state of indifference induced by drugs and mass media — so they can be easily manipulated.

The story goes starts from the firefighters' job, except that in this world the job of a firefighter is to burn books instead of extinguishing fires. One of them is Guy Montag. He has a simple job: he sets afire all books and houses where they are hidden. He likes this job, he has been practicing it for ten years and he feels he is doing his full duty.

But he starts doubting about it when he meets Clarisse, a teenager who tells him about a past when people were not afraid.

Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon will have the main roles

Several important actors have already been associated with the project. The first on the list is Michael B. Jordan, who starred in the latest "Rocky" movie, and whose name was also recently associated with a sequel to "The Matrix".

Along with Jordan, Michael Shannon will play the other main role. Jordan will play the role of Guy Montag, while Shannon will play Captain Beatty, Montag's superior.

The only film adaptation of the novel so far has been made in 1966 by the French director Francois Truffaut.

The premiere date for the movie is not known yet.