Many people enjoy reading good books, and they often go for the ones with surprising storylines and engaging characters, twists, and turns. This is what makes a Crime novel so intriguing, as people are often trying to solve a mystery. Some authors are brilliant at trying to hide the villain's identity from readers for a long time before eventually revealing who is responsible for all the pain and suffering.

While some readers enjoy reading a great crime story because of the genre, others do it because it's well-thought-out and well-planned. But there are actually benefits to reading a crime novel compared to other kinds of novels.

While good storyline in any genre will have you questioning what the ending will be, a mystery novel is usually a puzzle that needs to be solved by the protagonist with the readers right along for the journey.

It's exercise for your head

When you're reading a mystery novel, you're constantly trying to solve the puzzle. As new characters are introduced, you're skeptical, and you're wondering whether these people have anything to do with the mystery your protagonist is trying to solve. Your readers get to see the whole picture, so they have various theories as to what has happened and who is responsible. In other words, Mystery Novels keep the brain active for a long time.

Many have compared reading a mystery novel to games and puzzles that help stimulate the brain.

And it makes sense as to why, as you are constantly trying to figure out an answer. You run scenarios through your head, and you try to come up with the best possible solution to the problem you're trying to solve. Some answers make sense, and others don't.

Good stories will have you thinking for a long time

You may have noticed that some authors will have you guessing for a long time who is responsible for the crime that's been committed.

Even after you're done the book, you may find yourself thinking about the book, the storyline, the characters, and the villain. You may be asking yourself the question why things had to happen the way they did, or wonder what the characters could be doing if the novel had continued.

These kinds of stories keep your brain active as your brain is trying to sort different scenarios out in your head.

While some stories will work out nicely and give you the perfect ending that you had hoped for, others may leave some loose ends as if a sequel will be written. These kinds of loose ends may have you thinking all kinds of things in an effort to try and solve the remaining mysteries. This could be whether a character has moved on from the crime, whether he did ever find love with that female lead in the story, or if the villain was ever prosecuted for his crimes. Reading a mystery novel can truly keep your head going for weeks, if not months if it's written in a powerful way.

Have you ever felt like your brain is getting a workout after reading a crime or mystery novel? Do you think about these novels months after having finished them?