The NBA eastern conference is a total mess. You have a new-look Cavaliers team and a new-shape Celtics team that will be in the Conference Finals, but you also have a Wizards team that wants to get in there along with the Heat. You have a big drop after that because most of the other Teams in the conference are not deep enough. This is where they run into big problems because they will lose early in the playoffs, leave big gaps between series', and make us wait longer for the Celtics and Cavaliers final.

The best teams

We are clearly aware that the Cavs and Celtics should be in the conference finals, but the Celtics have to learn to play together because they basically have no players left from last year.

The Cavaliers need to decide how to use the people on their roster, and that is where both teams will run into trouble because they have to get used to each other. it is going to be very hard for these teams to get ready before Christmas, and we might not see their real potential until the playoffs. We might get some encouraging losses, but these two teams should still be in the east finals.

The worst teams

The Knicks and Nets are still terrible, and I have no expectations for the Hawks because they are clearly rebuilding. I also think that we have to put the Hornets to the side because they are not as good as their talent would suggest. They have not gone through the complete rebuild they needed, and they are a bit behind in the league right now.

I also think that you need to stay away from the Pacers because they literally have nothing to work with. They have to go find another Paul George and see what can be done. In the meantime, they can pat themselves on the back for getting the Lakers in trouble.

What about the Raptors?

The Raptors are good, but they might start to have major issues if they cannot get any farther than they got last year.

Even the slightest hint that they will be worse than last year will start to cause problems in the locker room because we all thought that they would be better. However, they have talent, and they have superstars that we can trust. All they really need to do is learn how to play in clutch situations. They are not clutch right now, and that will be the one thing they are asked to prove.

The proof that you get from this team will come in the form of a very convincing first-round series win. Anything less is simply not acceptable in any way.

You can trust the Wizards, but I do not think they can overcome the Celtics or Cavaliers. If they do, that would be something to watch.