No, we are not Machines – we’re Human Beings whose resonance is best when we're seen musically. The notion of ourselves as songs made up of many elements, each having a pace, is appealing. It suggests freedom and movement. Superficial philosophies say all is mechanical. We are slaves; we do not possess will. To deny will and freedom is a clear mistake, one we refute with ease.

Decide to close your eyes or not. Voila. Not satisfied? Try it again.


We do decide; we have freedom. Our will exists. We’re not machines but living, breathing human beings.

If we are not machines, why speak at all? If we have the will and freedom, what’s to say? A lot, because our daily choices range from bad to good.

All we can be

We need to become as we’re meant to be. We need to get at the truth of who we are. It may be best to see ourselves as themes.

Passing time can make us prey to bygone memories. Memories can fix our sense of who we are. We may see ourselves as this or that, based on some sense or some remote fact.

Time is always now.

We’re never entirely the same. We do not live as children of fixed facts or imaginings. We are thematic, flexible, and free.

To see ourselves this way, we need to look within.

What lies at the heart of all we do? We might say we make people smile. We might say we make people think. We make thematic statements. Who we are has body, melody, and power.

Finding ourselves

We’re more secure if we know what our song is. One’s enough. If I make people think and that’s my song, the spectrum covers devil to an angel.

We are the melody, the notes, the rhythms. We’re many things, not just this or that. We have duration, body, soul.

An act of thinking can save us from believing we are fixed in time.

Live in the now

Does it help to see ourselves in these musical terms? Perhaps so, it may be better than thinking I destroy, or hate, or exclude. Our snapshots of ourselves may contain truth.

But nothing's fixed forever.

Better to be one who moves with time. Better to have different stages. Better to sound different notes. We develop and repeat. We have an identity, and yet we're not enslaved.

Beauty and truth

#Shakespeare was at one time a social-climber, at another picture of lust, and perhaps once or twice a put-down artist. But Shakespeare’s basic theme was beauty and truth, nothing less.

Truth and beauty are the highest of values, along with freedom and love. Most of us can and should live as servants of the highest. We may instruct others. We may be helpers. We may spread tolerance. As themes and not machines, we do OK.