Mike Pence got up and left the 49ers/Colts game today and tweeted in unpresidential fashion about it. He says that he will not dignify the disrespect of the flag or our soldiers, but it appears that he is happy to disrespect people of color and people who are oppressed. There has never been a clearer message from a politician about how much he hates so many Americans, and he could not have been more blatant about it. Once again, the executive branch has fueled the protest fire.

Pence should have kept his mouth shut

Pence could have easily gotten up in the middle of the game, left, and said nothing.

We might have heard whispered reports about it, but it would not have become anything serious. Instead, he gave people who want to shine a light on social justice issues a reason to call him out for something so simple. The Vice President's best protest against kneeling would have been to stand with his hand on his heart and sing along. That would have been easy for him to do, but he is too much of a child to even do that properly. He has to resort to Twitter and miss the point on the issue yet again.

Football players are more mature

What we are learning from the anthem protests is that football players are more mature than our politicians. Men who hit each other for a living are more capable of empathy in a fractured world than men who are supposed to make our decisions for us and create laws.

Your Vice President, if you voted for him, is so immature that he cannot hold off for two and half a minutes. He seems to be in need of something that will outrage him. That is very sad, and it makes him look like a clown. Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick has said he will take a tryout anywhere while spending his own money to fund social justice projects around the country.

One man is doing something about it, and another man is stomping off like a five-year-old on the playground.

Stop talking about it

If you are so bothered by the anthem protests, you need to Stop Talking about it. It would be much simpler for you to take the protest off the flame and let the protests work their magic without your unneeded anger.

There are plenty of people who are paying attention to these protests, and social change is happening whether you like it or not. The Vice President sets a very bad example for our children by showing that you can just walk away because you do not want to help people, and he is showing that immaturity will get you what you want. Shame on you, sir.