Marshall Mcluhan saw the future and said the medium is the Message. The arrival of the Internet was and remains disruptive. McLuhan saw better than most. Today the world is connected as never before. There is more communicating going on than ever before. But McLuhan, the late Canadian professor who saw the future unfolding, did not see the end of universal connectivity.

The medium is no longer the message. We are. The message is the message. What we do with universal connectivity will spell the future.

Universal import

Everything now has universal import.

A conflict in Catalan can make waves in China. When China censors the Internet it is not because of the medium – the message is the culprit. Democracy is inimical to dictatorship.

Brutality is a sign of the world we are evolving past. The internet is the context that makes evolution possible. We are witnessing now the disrobing of imperial power. Brutality is going to come down. How so?

We can determine the course of things

If the message is the message the answer to how lies in what Messages we write. The fact is that we, each of us, is an equal power when it comes to messaging.

A boy in Siberia can command the attention of millions with a localized message. A girl in Pasadena can speak to an octogenarian in Peru.

The entire work I have been doing since there was connectivity is about harnessing the new power. Only if we learn how to use universal messaging can we defeat the hoary powers of the past.

If we have thought to go with our messaging we will be the victors.

The keywords of progress

Everything comes down to keywords. To defeat brutality write messages that stress nonviolence. Write messages about thinking beyond the box. Write messages that feature triadic values.

Triadic values are values that are universal. They are like a membership key to life.

We need to make universal action values standard and defend them energetically. They are tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy.

Universal or bust

We need to point our messages in the direction of values that serve everyone. The contexts for action values are progress, nonviolence, love, justice, and freedom. We need have no hesitation in phrasing messages that link these contexts with tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy.

It's up to us

A movement of the sort I am proposing needs no leaders. It builds on a consensus that is already within all people. If it is not, then we have a problem.

But we know how it can be proved with scientific precision. Our messages will either help win a world or lose it to the binary forces of violence and brutality.

The strange and uplifting truth is that we have the best chance to win.