The Cleveland Browns might be in the middle of a really bad slide that totals 1-19, but that does not mean that they are lost. They are simply going through the growing pains that are required to rebuild their franchise. Jimmy Johnson did it with the Cowboys before he won two Super Bowls and set the team up to win a third. The Cowboys were absolutely terrible back then, and we had no idea how good they would be. No one can say that the Browns will turn out to be that good, but they have to start somewhere if they want to rebuild.

The Browns have no expectations

The Browns have no expectations at all because they are so bad, and that is why we should not worry if they have not won a game at all. It does not matter who was the quarterback the last time they won a game, and it does not matter how they won that game. It is very important for us to step back and realize that this team has been so bad for so long that anything is better than what they were doing.

Hue Jackson has a commitment

The Browns have made a commitment to Hue Jackson to give him five years to fix this team. It makes sense because the team has been so bad for so long that they need more time to work this out. The Browns need to draft for depth, and they need to develop the people they have.

They cannot instantly become great simply because they only have one exceptional player on their team. They traded Joe Haden, and everyone else has to prove themselves. We can talk about how historic this slide is, but it is not their fault. A team that lacks talent and depth in the NFL will not go very far.

What happens after five years?

Let us assume that Hue Jackson cannot fix this after five years. What will the Browns do? They will start over and find someone else. They at least have a plan that they are willing to follow through on, and that is saying a lot more for the Browns than other teams who do not appear to have a plan at all.

Cleveland is the worst franchise in the sport, but they are slowly climbing out of that hole. They are leaving behind teams like the Giants, Colts, and Jaguars who have not planned for the future. I would like to see the Browns be competitive, but they do not have to be perfect. Making the team relevant is more than enough to accomplish their goals. Not every team in the NFL can win the Super Bowl, but being competitive goes a long way to gaining everyone's respect. Patience needs to be exercised in Cleveland before we create graphics on Sportscenter for a skid that means nothing.