The Tampa Bay Bucs are in a good position because they have a competitive offense and defense, but picking this team as a fantasy hub might be a little bit difficult for you. Their defense will not give you massive point totals that you may have thought possible, and they are not built to blow people out. Jameis Winston will be consistent, but can the Bucs give you high point totals every week?

Jameis Winston

We have not reached the point where Dirk Koetter will let the Tampa defense do whatever it wants. Winston cannot go on the field and do all the heavy lifting because they are committed to running.

Doug Martin can do a lot for them, and Martin will split points with Winston during the course of this year. You will see a shift in the future as the team gets away from running, but that has not happened yet. This means you might want to have Martin in your flex spot while Winston is your starting quarterback. The two of them together are powerful, but they are not fantasy great by themselves.

Dirk Koetter

Dirk Koetter has probably never thought about fantasy football in his life, and he most certainly will not ask Winston to throw more just because he thinks the offense needs to be more explosive. I believe that Dirk Koetter will stay the course for the rest of the year, and you will continue to get moderate point totals from the Bucs every week.

The defense is alright

The defense is alright in Tampa, but they are not good enough to send the offense back on the field repeatedly. Surely they will have a couple of really good games, but they will not be so good that they can simply steamroll teams and compile 50 or more points. You could take the Tampa defense because they are solid, but they will not do anything spectacular for you.

Tampa is in the right place in their development, and they are simply not worldbeaters yet. They will be ready to truly contend in the next couple years, but you cannot trust them to give you as many points as you want right now.

What if they get the hot hand?

We never know who will have the hot hand late in the season, and it makes much more sense for you to invest in Tampa's players or defense when you think they have a favorable matchup.

You cannot invest in them on emotion because you like their team, and you cannot expect Jameis Winston to get hot all of a sudden. If he gets the hot hand, it will be a surprise, and that is when you can ask him to give you your quarterback fantasy points every week.