The Jets won on Sunday, and that was probably the worst decision they could have made. If you have heard Todd Bowles do an interview or listened to him talk on the radio, you know that he is completely resigned to the fact that his team stinks. They will not get any better, and he is probably getting fired. You can hear it in his voice when he heaves and sighs, and you can tell that he almost does not care. He has been put in a bad place, and you would think that that would make him give up. Apparently, he wants to ruin the plan by winning games, and that could spell trouble for the Jets going forward.

Internal sabotage

I will admit that I am petty enough to start winning to mess up the plans for a team that has put me in a situation that makes me look like a lame duck coach. The wins would make the coach look good, and the franchise would be left with a worse draft pick. That is a win-win for the coach who gets fired, but it also makes some wonder if he knows what is at stake. Playing too hard will get people hurt in a season that is already effectively over. Playing slow and soft will let the team lose, pick up a higher draft pick, and prepare for the future. It would be simpler to just lose, but it appears that Todd Bowles does not approve of that.

Is he trying to get fired?

There are instances in which Todd Bowles could just hope to get fired, and he could run off to a better job with the money that the Jets owe him.

It would be a more comfortable end for a coach who does not want to be there, but it would give the Jets a chance to play for pride, and, once again, mess up their plan. That means that someone from high up in the front office needs to step in and ask the team to not try so hard. Would the Jets actually do that? They probably need to.

Ownership needs to be smarter

Ownership in New York needs to be smarter about the future of the franchise, and the family member who was appointed to run the team should ask very nicely if the team would not mind losing a little bit more. It is nice to see the Jets play for pride, but there comes a point at which it is just not healthy.

Who wants to put their body through all that pain and strain just to get a worse draft pick and stink next year? Unless you get traded to or signed by a contender, you are going to be stuck there next year going through the same garbage that happened this year.

The Jets are in a place where they need to lose for their own sake. We look at the Browns and scoff because of their dismal slide, but they have high draft picks and hope. The Jets need the same.