Rod Johnson - Roderick to some - was the next man up as the Cleveland Browns look to fill out their offensive line. After Monday night, however, the team may have to look elsewhere. In his defense, he was facing a strong New York Giants defensive line, and he's only a rookie (one drafted in the fifth round). But perhaps the left tackle was out of his depth and needs some more discipline before he can start for an NFL team.

Johnson false starts

For Johnson, it was a night where he couldn't seem to get out of his own way. He was starting in place of Joe Thomas, who frankly doesn't need to be bothered during the preseason - he's a Browns legend.

But he proved that he was no Joe Thomas when he committed not one, but two false start penalties in the first half. The team recorded plenty of other penalties alongside their tackle, showing that last year's NFL bottom feeders still lack discipline on the field.

In addition to Johnson's false start penalties, rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer committed a delay of game infraction. Even the veterans got in with the fun. Wide receiver Kenny Britt committed a costly holding penalty. Even Kevin Zeitler committed a holding penalty, and the Browns specifically signed him to improve the offensive line play. In the first half of Monday night's game, it wasn't looking very good.

Clearing up Browns offensive line

After some offseason work, the offensive line is actually considered a strength of the Cleveland Browns. Thomas may have received some rest on Monday night in favor of Johnson, but he has been one of the best tackles in football for some time. Joel Bitonio is a solid guard, though he is contending with a knee injury.

Zeitler was signed to be another strong guard for the team. Depth is a bit of a concern, however, especially in light of Johnson's struggles and Cam Erving's previous struggles this preseason as a backup tackle.

The Browns are intentionally building up their offensive line, seeing that as the impetus of turnarounds for the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys in recent years.

Additionally, with all of the quarterback questions for the team, it's worth building an offense that prioritizes running the ball, at least for this season. Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson should receive more carries than they did last season, while Brock Osweiler, Cody Kessler, and Kizer duke it out to see who the poor offensive lineman will be forced to protect.