The Buffalo Bills are just alright. They are not as good as they have led us to believe, but they are not so bad that they cannot make progress this season. They have two major issues: injuries and decision-making. They have lost Jordan Matthews for a bit, and they have had problems with other people on their roster who cannot stay healthy. The issue, then, for this team is how they correct these problems for the future. Are they supposed to give up on someone like Jordan Matthews, or was that just a small problem that will go away? We literally have no idea what it could be.

Tyrod Taylor making decisions

Tyrod Taylor has to get a lot better at making decisions, and he has to get better at it in a hurry. He could be very good, but he is clearly not making smart decisions all the time. He does well for a time, and then he finds himself standing in the middle of a chaos that he created. He does this at least once per game, but it has not prevented the Bills from going 3-2 so far. They probably will not win their division, but they can see that he is going to be good in everything he does except for this one area. You can improve how you make decisions by getting older, and I think that is more than a fair way to make sure that he is going to be the best passer for this offense.

Giving Taylor time is still safer than testing the waters.

Matthews and Taylor on the same page

Jordan Matthews needs to stay healthy so that he and Tyrod Taylor can be on the same page. These two guys together can be fantastic as a pair, but they need to be good all the time together. They cannot take these extended breaks and expect to improve at the rate that most people would expect.

Everyone in Buffalo needs to hope that they can get the team to remain healthy so that they can see them at their full potential by the end of the season. That would be a good building block for the future.

The Brady era ends

The Bills could be in good position once the Brady era ends, but it is not over yet. They just need to keep growing so that they can find their way into the new era that will make the most sense for them.

They can build and grow while the Patriots are winning the east, and then the Bills can swoop in in a couple years if the Jets and Dolphins have not fixed their own problems. At this point, the Bills have the best prospects because they seem to have a lot of things in place that the Dolphins and the Jets do not. The Bills should be happy with this result and remember to take it slow going forward.