The Buffalo Bills aren't exactly the NFL's worst team. Through two weeks, the team hasn't allowed a single passing touchdown and is 2-1. An impressive defense paired with a really good rushing attack even have some believing that this Buffalo team could make the playoffs, even with a first year head coach in Sean McDermott. But like last week, when pretty much everyone picked the Broncos to beat Buffalo, there are doubters. One of those doubters is Tv Personality Colin Cowherd.

Buffalo Bills One of Six Teams that are "Unwatchable"

The video where Cowherd rips the Buffalo Bills is below.

The 2-1 Buffalo Bills are lumped in with the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, and New York Jets. Combined, those five teams have a total of three wins. The Buffalo Bills have two wins, including an impressive win over a 2-0 Denver Broncos team at home.

The Buffalo Bills might be unorthodox in their approach, but so far what the team is doing is working. The Bills had a chance to win a game on the road against a tough Carolina defense. They've taken care of business twice at home. And their defense looks like one of the better units in the NFL through three weeks of the season. The NFL isn't all about offense, as Colin Cowherd likes to claim. There are two sides, and so far, Buffalo has proven that defense can win games.

Underrated Buffalo Offense

It's true that the NFL is more of a passing league now, but the Bills commit to the run. They have one of the best rushing attacks in the league with LeSean McCoy and an offensive line that loves to run block. Even Mike Tolbert, who was acquired in the offseason, has been productive. The rushing game might not be as sexy as the passing game, but it works and helps set up the play action, on which Tyrod Taylor has a very impressive quarterback rating.

Tyrod Taylor doesn't have the best receivers around him, but he does what he can to extend plays and move the offense downfield.

His ability to run and move around in the pocket makes him every defensive coordinator's nightmare, as he is difficult to plan for every single week. Does that sound like the Buffalo Bills are "unwatchable" to you?

Calling a 2-1 team in today's NFL is borderline ridiculous, especially when there are already only two undefeated teams left in the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs. Hopefully the Bills will go out and prove Colin Cowherd wrong by picking up a shocking win on the road against those undefeated Falcons.