The War Of Words between Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and the giants is turning into a farce of the biggest proportions. He is a bit like the kid who goes from one parent to another saying that the first parent gave them permission to do something. The second parent does not have time to ask questions, and they let it go. Rodgers-Cromartie is using the media to fight the Giants, but the question remains as to why he would do that. He may be unhappy and wants to be traded or cut, or maybe, it might be that he just wants to get the coach fired.

Walking off the field and getting suspended

Rodgers-Cromartie walked off the field and got suspended by the Giants for being a bad teammate, and now he is saying that he is no longer suspended, even though the Giants have not made a statement about that. The war of words is really just Rodgers-Cromartie trying to make the Giants look bad because he knows a bad team is going to look even worse, than it already does, if they cannot handle their business. I think it is a genius move if he wants to get everyone fired, and it would be a good move for the team if he really wanted to make changes that would make the team better. It is clear the Giants are clueless, so he is kind of doing the job for them.

He wants to get traded or cut

He must figure that he can go somewhere else and be happier, but that would require a trade or getting cut. This means that the Giants have to get so sick of him that they have to take action. Now, there are a lot of people who would not have the guts to do that just because it would be a pretty big scandal to turn the team upside down so you could get a new job.

However, I can see a lot of guys in the NFL doing that if they know the season is lost. If you have no hope in the team, then you will make sure that you can get sent somewhere else by the team as soon as possible.

He wants to make the Giants look bad

Let us suppose for a moment that Rodgers-Cromartie hates the Giants so much that he would want them to look bad by contradicting everything they say.

If that is the case, then you could see why he is doing this. It almost does not matter if he is suspended or not, but it does matter in the context of a team that has been on edge all year, playing badly, and has taken stances against social justice. We all heard their owner say that he is concerned about complaints from racist fans who would stop coming to games if he signed Colin Kaepernick. I can see Rodgers-Cromartie being upset.