Donald Trump supporters seem to be losing interest in the antics and theatrics of Donald Trump. Several Trump supporters have written on social media about their disdain for his actions or inactions. Many have questioned why they supported him in the first place, especially after his response to the crisis in Puerto Rico.

Some Trump supporters are fed up with Trump

Several supporters feel that he isn't doing enough for the people in Puerto Rico. Then there are others who repeatedly proclaim they feel ashamed that they voted for him. For example, below is a tweet from a supporter who believes Trump has shown a "black heart" in his response to Puerto Rico.

Another supporter, of Puerto Rican descent, says she feels "let down" by his response to the crisis.

One supporter, who has constantly defended Trump, says that she feels "ashamed".

Another supporter believes they made a "mistake" voting for him after he attacked the Mayor of San Juan.

One user on Twitter proclaimed that they were "very sorry" they voted for him.

A former supporter wrote on Twitter that she was from Alabama and was "ashamed" she voted for Trump.

Another Trump voter stated that he was "unfit" to lead and was "ashamed" to have voted for him.

Trump's broken promises are haunting him

It is not surprising that several Trump supporters are becoming disillusioned by him.

He made several promises on the campaign trail such as, "draining the swamp", "repealing and replacing Obamacare," "building a wall," and making "Mexico pay for the wall," deporting all undocumented immigrants, bringing "jobs back," and several other promises. It has been nine months and none of the above has been accomplished. Despite stating that he "alone could fix" the problems the U.S. faces, Trump has not had any significant legislative accomplishments.

Furthermore, Trump has engaged in the war of words with North Korea, resulting in North Korea threatening to destroy the United States. Although Trump has also argued that he will destroy North Korea, something we should all oppose, he's virtually been ineffective in curtailing the actions of North Korea.

Kim Jong-Un continues to chastise Trump. Additionally, it is further worth noting that Trump has shown limited interest in the plight of Puerto Rico, which has angered many supporters.

Trump voters thought they were voting for a strongman. However, Trump has not proven to be a strongman. Yes, he engages in verbal rebuking of foes, but he hasn't been able to force anything to happen that would positively impact his supporters lives.

If Trump continues down this path, where he cannot deliver on his promises and fails to show real leadership during a crisis, then he'll likely continue losing support. For someone with a very low approval rating, he cannot afford for his supporters to abandon him. Moreover, the Russia investigation is looming over his head and he needs his supporters.

It will be interesting to watch, the next few weeks, as regrets continue to pour in, whether Trump will change course or continue on a failing path.