Predator President Donald Trump, who even was admonished by the son of the late President Ronald Reagan for threatening to deport the Dreamers, is committing genocide by omission, as this observer sees it. Racism is at the core of Trump's totally inadequate response to the needs of the dying people of Puerto Rico. Trump's responses to Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida created little if any consternation.

However, when it came the people of the small island of Puerto Rico, it was a totally different scenario. The Trump Administration and his lackluster federal agency FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) did not even begin responding for two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

San Juan Mayor's pleas are ignored

As casualties escalated in Puerto Rico and the incompetency of the federal response to the crisis became manifest, Trump started a high-profile public rant against San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. In response to Cruz's taking to the media to "beg" 'the Donald' to provide water to her constituents, feed babies, and to save lives of seriously desperate people, Trump accused Cruz of "playing politics."

Even after Cruz directly "begged" Trump to step-up his relief efforts because her people were "dying," Trump accused Cruz of giving into Democrats who were telling her to "be nasty" to him.

Besides, Trump never did directly respond to Cruz's plea for help for the dying people of the U.S. island territory. The racist President chose to sidestep Cruz's pleas by attacking her. 'The Donald' never once expressed any concern for the starving babies, the patients who need dialysis, the people who are drinking from a creek, or the people with debilitating diseases who are not receiving needed medication.

Of course, when a President is a racist and does not consider the victims of a disaster to be"equal" to him, it is easy to dismiss those victims' needs and play politics instead. And that is exactly what the White House bigot is doing under the canopy of his white supremacy.

Recently, the SCOTUS, (Supreme Court of the United States), upheld Trump's ban of Muslim and Syrian refugees.

What kind of a President would petition the highest court in the land to uphold a racist refugee ban? The answer is simple: only a President like 'the Donald.' White supremacy is alive and well in the Trump White House and the results promise to be disastrous for the country.

Trump and Melania to Puerto Rico

Trump tweeted that he and wife Melania will travel to Puerto Rico on Tuesday. He stated that he also hopes to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands where, he claims, the "people" are "working hard." It is anyone's guess what 'the Donald' might claim while visiting Puerto Rico, who he will blame for the federal government's totally inadequate response, and how he will ignore the pleas of the dying victims of Maria and its aftermath.

Of course, it is not difficult for a sociopath to look the other way when meeting face to face with dying, desperate people. Other notable sociopaths are Adolf Hitler, Scott Peterson, Sadam Hussein, and Kim Jong-un, who is rapidly becoming Trump's number one adversary on the international stage.