The Seahawks and Rams will match up this weekend in a game that could see a major shift of power in the Nfc West. The Seahawks will not suddenly be a terrible team if they lose to the Rams, but they could cede some power to the Rams. The same might be said for the 49ers next year if they have their franchise quarterback on the roster. What happens when a great team gets met with a divisional opponent that could be almost as good?

The Seahawks offensive line

The offensive line in Seattle is not good, and that is a song you have probably heard before.

The problem for the Seahawks is that they could look across at the Rams and see a team that is just as good as they are. They will see a defense that is filled with good players, and the Seahawks might not have all the answers to deal with the Rams defense. The transfer of power would begin only because the Seahawks got a little bit scared at what they saw in the Rams.

The Rams offense

Obviously, the Seattle defense is the better half of their squad, but they have to prove that against a surging Rams offense. If the Rams do not score at all, they are clearly not competitive yet in their own division. If the Rams score a lot and lose, the Seahawks should be worried. If the Rams win, the Seahawks should panic.

This defense in Seattle has been griping and complaining because they think that they have done everything that is needed to win. Opinions have flown around stating that this defensive unit thinks they are not treated as well as Russell Wilson, and their argument might go out the window if they lose to a young Rams offense.


Sean McVay is not nearly as good as Pete Carroll, but that does not mean this game will be decided by Pete Carroll making wise decisions. It is more likely that McVay will learn something about preparation. It would be shocking to see this Seattle team show up to the game unprepared, and McVay might be surprised at how well the defense plays.

If the Rams offense gets stuffed in this game, the Rams know that they have many things to fix before they move on to their next game. Such is the development of a young team in a division with a Super Bowl champion.

Power will shift

Pete Carroll cannot coach forever, the defense in Seattle will get old, and Russell Wilson will get a little slower. The Seahawks will not always be the best team in this division, and stiff competition will cause problems for them going forward. No, the Rams will not end the Seahawks, but the Rams could send a clear message.