The Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs are facing off in a game that features surprising teams, their great offenses, and strong defenses. This could be a game that ends 7-3 or the offenses could lead the way for a game that ends 51-47. We have no way of knowing the exact outcome of the game, but we can learn a lot from how this Week 5 contest turns out. These two teams are very competitive in their divisions, but they need to be competitive everywhere.

The Texans offense

It will be interesting to see the Texans play against an even better team than the Titans.

The Chiefs are extremely good right now, and they present a challenge to the Texans that will show how far Deshaun Watson has progressed. A bad game for Watson merely shows that he needs more time to develop, but a good game from Watson might show us that he can play with anyone. I did not say that he would beat the Patriots in the AFC title game, but it would be very hopeful for the Texans.

The Chiefs defense

The Chiefs defense is missing Eric Berry, but they have stepped up to avoid the bad losses that could have occurred because they were missing their best player. We all know that the Chiefs rely on Berry to make big plays, and they have not needed him that badly. It is sad to think of how good they could have been had Eric Berry not gotten hurt, and it is even sadder to think of what they could have done if he had been in the huddle every play to teach the younger guys on this defense.

Justin Houston has become the best player on this team with his amazing instincts. He has found the ball, forced turnovers, and scored this season already. If Justin Houston takes the torch from Eric Berry, then the Chiefs will be in perfect position to win the AFC this season. Their depth benefits them because they chose to keep both Berry and Houston when signing big contracts.

We do not give Clark Hunt enough credit for how he runs the Chiefs, and he has done such a good job.

The battle of coaches

We are very aware that Andy Reid has been a very good coach for a long time. We have seen Bill O'Brien succeed as an offensive coordinator, and we saw him rebuild Penn State. However, O'Brien was on the cusp of getting fired before he discovered that Deshaun Watson is the next Michael Vick.

This amazing discovery has given O'Brien years of free will in Houston, and he could prove to be as good as Reid now that he has found his signal caller. In this game, both teams can turn out to be winners.