Myeshia Johnson openly grieves for her husband, who had lost his life along with three other Green Berets in Niger. The sad event had united the country and left many people in tears, especially those who had lost a loved one in combat. However, as expected, the spouse would receive an important call from the President of the United States. But to Mrs. Johnson's dismay when the call finally came, the US President Donald Trump referred to her husband as "he." Meanwhile, Trump denies the claim after he received widespread criticism for apparently forgetting the name of a fallen hero.

McCain and George W. Bush blast divisive narrative

Senator John McCain and former President George W. Bush weighed in on the latest saga involving the United States President. Both McCain and Bush made speeches blasting the divisive narrative in the country; their statements seem to aim directly at President Donald Trump.

Trump adds more misery to her pain

The widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson said the president called to express condolence on behalf the country. But he only added to her misery since he didn't appear to know the name of her late husband. Johnson said her spouse knew what he signed up for; however, it still hurts that he lost his life on the battlefield. And to add to her heartache, the lack of respect from the US President left her crying; she told ABC News reporter George Stephanopoulos.

Sergeant Johnson's widow said Mr. Trump wavered throughout the brief conversation; he also had trouble remembering the name of the fallen soldier. She also added that he only mentioned "La David" after stating that her husband's report was before him. That was after he struggled to remember his name, she added.

Mrs. Johnson further went on to state that her husband paid the ultimate price defending the United States of America.

But in the end after his death, the US President was unable to address him by his name. Also, Trump denied that he said Sergeant Johnson knew the dangers of being in the US Military.

However, Chief of Staff John Kelly, who lost his son in combat confirmed the story. Trump's chief of staff added that comforting words are necessary when family members lose their lives in the line of duty.

On Monday, even as White House authorities admitted that they needed to figure out how to move past the situation, the US President posted a message on Twitter discarding Mrs. Johnson's statement.

Donald Trump, however, is renowned for creating controversy, and his reaction only adds "more fuel to the fire." Reportedly, Trump also wrongly stated that former US Presidents did not offer sympathy to the families of US troops killed in battle. But, the media houses quickly rubbished his claim while citing that every US President must acknowledge the families of slain soldiers.